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Digital Presence without a website

In today’s digital era it’s very important to be present online people do Google for the entertainment business shopping and education as well. If you want to meet sufficient number of customers you need to be a present where go for purchase. For that you need to have a website, your digital business home, where customers can find everything about your business and product/services you offer.

However, owing and getting your website is not the task of cutting the cake. From website hosting to get it designed well everything will require a good piece of money and time which might not possible at the initial stage of your business.

But No Worries!!

Here we will tell you how you can get digital presence of your business without a website:

  • Facebook business page
  • Google business directories

Facebook business page:

Your Facebook page can create many more business opportunities for you. You can easily create a Facebook business page and show off your product or services. Here you also get your customers review, reply them, know their choices and also update them about your new product or services. It becomes very easy to understand your customer requirement when you are directly connected with them. This ultimately helps you to grow your business.

All these things with no big hole in your budget! If your business can afford and want to get much more than this, you can always go for a paid campaign in Facebook which can lead you more potential customer in less time.

Google My Business:   


Google my business is a business directory by Google where every small business man can register their businesses with their information about the product or services. You can easily manage what Google user knows about your business and how your business is being presented to them. Post photos with show your show of your business as visual info graphics are 42 % more likely to attract the viewers.

Google my business listing will lead the interested viewers to your business giving them directions on map. With Google My Business app, you easily can ask your happy customers write reviews and reply them, understand what their requirement and also keep them updated with your latest product or services.

This listing enables you to analyze the behavior of viewers. In Google business insight, you can check how many of them have become your customers, from where your customers are coming from etc. That helps you to expand your business.

There are many other ways to be present online without a website like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, business Yellow Pages, other business directories.

But at some point, you will need a website, your digital home, where viewers can find anything and everything about you and your business. So definitely go for Digital presence without website for a short term but considered having a website as a task in your to do list.

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