App Advertising | Pay Per Install

The beauty of PPC has always been that there is total transparency between what you pay and the results you get. For app developers one of the key objectives is people installing the app on their phone so online advertising platforms have catered for this.

In the same way as any paid advertising model you choose your target audience, then decide how much you are willing to pay per install. Your audience will be shown an advert with a clear call to action to install and they’ll be directed to the app store relevant to their device.

Facebook App-Install Advertising

In the same way as any other Facebook ad campaign we can utilize the advanced demographic and interests targeting. We would agree on what images and copy are used to promote your app and the ads would then be shown on mobile. We can specify which devices and/or operating systems for the ads to show on.

Facebook is the biggest social network, therefore it has the most volume of advertising reach and engagement. If you want to find out quickly how well your app resonates with an audience Facebook is the first choice.

Twitter App-Install Advertising

Twitter allow advertisers to create ‘Cards’ which are comparable to what Facebook adverts look like. There is the text in the tweet, an image and a call to action button.

Twitter’s ad platform is fast growing but still in it’s infancy. In our experience the cost per installs one can achieve are similar to Facebook however the volume of engagement is around 10-20% of Facebook.

Google App-Install Advertising

We can run advertising across Google’s Search and Display network, as well across YouTube.

With their Search network, we would bid on people searching for various terms, for example “best travel apps 2015”. With the Display network, we would choose websites or other apps that are relevant to your target audience and show adverts which have a call to action to install.

YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world so promoting your app to users can be a great opportunity. Here, showing adverts with link to the appropriate app store isn’t possible but if you have some engaging video content, advertising on YouTube can increase awareness of your app and provide another touch point for potential customers to see your app.

In regard to budgets for any of the above networks it all depends on the category and cost of your app to decide an appropriate target cost per install. Get in touch with us and we can give you more insight and recommendations on how we can help you.

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