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The Largest Social Media Platform For Working Professionals

LinkedIn offers its own paid advertising platform, the largest social media platform for working professionals, and a great place for B2B businesses to advertise.

LinkedIn is the largest social media platform for working professionals. Like Google, YouTube and Bing, LinkedIn offers its own paid advertising platform and is a great way to get any B2B products in front of the right audience.

LinkedIn offers a wide range of targeting options including demographics, skills, job title, industry, groups and company. The variety of targeting options available to advertisers means you can really hone in on your audience, ensuring a deeper level of relevancy to prospective customers who see your ad. This allows you to specifically target decision makers within large organizations.

There are two options when it comes to creating ads on LinkedIn:

A sponsored update – this allows you to promote a post from your company profile page and get it in front of a relevant audience. This can be a great branding exercise as you could easily get a discussion going on a particular topic by promoting an article you have written.

Pay per click ads – these function in the same way as Google ads whereby you create adverts, select your targeting options, assign a budget to your campaign and then pay a maximum amount for each click to your ads.

For our B2B clients we can safely say we have seen some of our best PPC results coming from LinkedIn.

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