SEO Penalty Removal

Honest Advice Regarding Google Penalties

Many people contact us because they have experienced a sudden drop in organic traffic. Such drops can be very costly financially, especially for e-commerce sites. We a SEO agency can assist with diagnosing what the cause of these drops may have been and make recommendations for resolving them.

Sometimes a relatively simple change (such as migrating to a new domain name or a new content management system) can create big problems for search engines. The good news is that in many of these cases, reacting quickly with the appropriate amendments can bring back your lost traffic very quickly.

If your site has been involved in link schemes or black hat SEO campaigns in the past, then you may have incurred a search engine penalty or been subject to algorithmic filtering. In these cases, the outcome can be far less certain.

If you had engaged a SEO provider that sold “link packages” or that delivered very quick results, they may have employed low cost, high volume tactics (such as spamming blog comments) that, whilst often effective in the short term, lead to ranking penalties when search engines detect them.

Recovering from such penalties is possible. In most cases, all the links that were created by the previous provider will need to be identified and removed, which can be very time consuming and costly. Even when this is done thoroughly, if not enough links are removed, sometimes this means a site will not recover. Equally, sometimes rankings will recover but not for the search terms that were originally targeted.

In many cases, buying a new domain and starting from scratch is the most viable option. Brandwitty will always offer honest advice, and if we don’t think a site is recoverable, we will say so.

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