Outbound Link Clicks – GTM

Outbound link clicks are when a user clicks on a link that leaves your website. Follow these steps, starting from your container overview page:

Click “New Tag” or “Add New Tag”

google tag manager tutorial

Name Tag by clicking the Edit Icon (pencil icon)

Choose your product by selecting “Google Analytics”

step 2

Choose your tag type by selecting Universal or Classic Google Analytics

step 3

Enter your Tracking ID or {{UA Tracking Code}}

step 4

Select Track Type by selecting “Event”

  1. Category to: Outbound Links
  2. Action to: Click
  3. Label to: {{click url}}
  4. Value can be left blank
  5. Non-Interaction hit can be false
  6. Click “continue”

step 6

Choose which option to Fire On

  1. Select “More”
  2. Create New Trigger by selecting “New”
    1. Name Trigger “Outbound Links”
    2. Select “Click”
    3. Configure “Trigger” to target “Just Links” and select continue
    4. Click “Continue”

step 8

Choose Enable When

  1. Page URL
  2. matches RegEx
  3. .*

step 9

Set Fire On to

  1. Click URL
  2. Does Not Contain

step 10

Click “Create Trigger”

Click “Create Tag”

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