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Transforming Home Interior Design with Houseome

Brand Name: Houseome
Vertical: Interior Designers


The goal was to revitalize Houseome, the Home Interior Design entity, through a relaunch strategy. The objectives were to establish brand recognition, increase visibility and trust, and create a positive public image. Additionally, the aim was to attract quality leads from people interested in home renovation.


A Fresh Digital Presence: We began by creating a new Houseome website that showcases our design approach. The website aimed to connect emotionally with visitors while being user-friendly and practical.

Strengthening Social Media: Social media played a crucial role. We shared design ideas, tips, and success stories on platforms to engage and inspire potential clients.

Wider Content Strategy: We expanded our content to cover more than just design, positioning Houseome as a trusted advisor for home improvement.

Coordinated Digital Campaigns: Our strategy included Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and Public Relations (PR) to build awareness, consideration, and generate leads.


Flourishing Digital Hub: The revamped Houseome website became a hub for design enthusiasts and homeowners, with a significant increase in traffic compared to the previous year.

Successful Lead Generation: Our strategic efforts led to a substantial increase in quality leads, lowering the cost per lead. The conversion rate was noteworthy.


The Houseome relaunch showcased effective strategy execution. The website, elevated social media presence, and coordinated digital campaigns not only established brand prominence but also attracted valuable leads. These accomplishments demonstrate the power of a well-structured relaunch strategy in the field of interior design.

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