What Are The Digital Marketing Trends That Are Going To Rule In 2019

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Influencer Marketing

This is one of the best ways and also one of the oldest modes of advertisement. In this type of advertising, an influential face is used to gain the trust of the audience towards a particular product or service. This is the reason earlier film stars has so many endorsements to themselves regarding different brands and products. Today, when time and situation has changed, social media influencers have also become a part of such campaigns. There are so many social media influencers who sell the products with the help of not only the influencing faces but also through stories and relations. If you are looking forward to such as influencing marketing, and you do not have access to such big names and faces, you can also get in touch with different known faces in the world social media such as YouTube and others to create your brand a successful one in this New Year.

Introducing Chatbots

The introduction of the chatbots recently has become popular instantly and today so many different websites are coming up with such a technique. The framework is such that works alongside the support team of the site and are an automated system in the site. It is a great option to engage the visitor who wishes to know more about the company and is also great in extracting some of the important details such as contact details, the reason of the chat, and many others. Depending upon the purpose, the customer can be redirected to the concerned executives to answer them in the correct way. Such a technique is great in converting an interested audience into a potential customer. It has been estimated that the number of websites introducing chatbots should definitely sore up in the current year.

The Success of Video Marketing

Videos are the best way to promote anything as it is a much attractive way in comparison to a written advertisement. This is the reason the television advertisements have always remained a hit in making a product popular in just a short span of time. Today, a major number of people have got themselves diverted from television to the internet. This means the maximum numbers of hours are not devoted to the internet in comparison to the television. Digital marketing has hence taken this opportunity to introduce video marketing advertisements. Today, as many as 70% of the experts all over the world believe in video marketing and are successfully gaining profit from it. It is believed that a video that lasts from 8 seconds to a maximum of 15 seconds is great in attracting a large number of customers for the brand. This is the reason 2019 will come up with a large number of such video advertisements that will not only talk about the brand and the product but will also offer a call to action in just a short span of 15 seconds.

E-mail Personalization

Of course, the year is all about automatic things but personalization still works in a great way for the promotion of your brand and products. It may happen that you are aware of some of the important details of your customer such as the device they use when they check their emails, the subject that attracts them, items that will interest them, and so on. If you know such things about your customer, you can always make use of these points in personally advertising about your product. For example, if you know the time when the customer checks the emails each day, you can send the personalized email exactly 5 minutes before the time so that you email can be seen the first thing by the customer. Similarly, if you know the subjects lines on which the customers react the most, you can make use of such subjects to send your emails. Such type of emails not only has a much chance of getting sales but also can create a bond of trust in between you and your customers. Hence, such type of marketing is much likely to get popularized in the year 2019.

Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising can be a great option when you have a large budget available for your marketing campaigns. Such type of advertisements includes the process of buying space for ads and maintaining difficult algorithms for it. The process helps in a huge way in tracking reports of the publishers of the advertisements. Though many of the western countries have already started the concept of such programmatic advertising, India is yet about to grow up with such a method. Some of the home brands have started experimenting with the concept but still, it is only about 20% who have used it. Knowing the various benefits of the process and seeing its popularity in the western countries, it can be estimated that in the year 2019, programmatic advertising should hike up in India with about 70% margin.

Dynamic Creative Optimization

There are a number of times when you ignore a particular ad but later on, you realize that it can be useful to you. For example, if you have seen an ad somewhere that offers you a message of reaching home early today. You may ignore it at the first go thinking it to be a random message. But if suddenly, you get stuck up in the rain, it may click your mind that the message predicted the right thing. So, next time when such an ad comes up, you will check it out in place of ignoring it. This method of sending personalized advertisements based on the customer’s data is known as dynamic creative optimization. Such technology has a much higher chance of getting clicks and hence there are high probabilities that this technology will surely boom up in the year 2019.

Omnichannel Marketing

With the onset of the online shopping experience, last few years so a huge increase in online shopping in comparison to the offline shopping. But again recently, it has been noticed that a large number of customers today search for stores near me options to buy things from the offline stores too. Hence, omnichannel marketing is the new trend that is coming up. Google has claimed that as much as 80% of the customers look for the offline stores. A Tata Croma study has revealed recently that such customers with omnichannel option have a chance of about 33% of getting converted into a potential customer. So, when the omnichannel marketing is gaining so much of popularity, it can be said that it will reach out to new heights in the year 2019.

Accelerated Mobile Page

If your website is not loading fast on the customer’s smartphone, the customer will get fade up and will exit the tab. Also, if the browsing experience is slow, the chances of spending more time on the website will reduce. Hence, it is required to have a website that can load fast. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page is a website development framework that can help in such a situation. A Google Report has stated recently that about 500 million users will be connected to the internet with their smartphones by the year 2020. Hence, brands will need better experience with faster loading websites and AMP can be surely a great solution for such users.

User-Created Content

Today, whenever a customer looks out to buy a product or take a service, the first thing that is done is to go for various reviews. These reviews are the user created contents on the websites and other pages. It has been noticed that even if you have paid a huge amount of money to make your advertisement an attractive one, the customers will look out for such reviews before deciding upon the choice. The saying that products are created in factories but brands are made in mind is the right thing that suits this place. Hence, such user created contents will have a great value and demand in the year 2019 and even in the coming years too.


So, it can be said that there are so many different digital marketing tricks and ideas that can be highly useful in the year 2019. It is only that the users need to make use of the right marketing technique to promote their brands in the right way. It is important to collect data and predict future needs with the help of artificial intelligence and this is the place where the need for digital marketing agencies will be felt. The marketing agencies that are properly equipped will be helpful to you in choosing the right methods so that you will be able to grow well and gain great profits in the year 2019 and ahead.

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