Why is Content so Important in Social Media Marketing?

role of content in social media marketing

In today’ s contemporary market, digital marketing techniques are highly induced in almost every marketing strategy to create and maintain a brand image. Content marketing plays a crucial role and is considered as the crux of digital marketing. Content marketing is influential in selling various products and services, both online and offline over multiple platforms.

In the current scenario, a person’s perception of a brand is based on what content it is portraying. A brand could be a company or a person, people look forward to associating with them based on the kind of stories they convey.

Earlier, people consumed content only through cinema and spread the content across through word of mouth. Now, they consume content through multiple platforms, like social media and instant messaging apps. The content is widespread among these platforms in the form of short videos, web series, images and write-ups. People are more confident about the content they view than the content they aren’t able to view online. The trust in these channels and buying patterns of the consumers are inter-related and has seen a paradigm shift in the past decade.

Consumers can be influenced to make the purchase. They are required to be connected via multiple touch points. An interaction and impression on an ad or viewing a product on a website is not sufficient. Consumers need to be converted into customers. Hence, they are followed onto every platform they visit once they leave the website, which increases the brand recall value. This heavily influences them to make a purchase and not just consume the content.

Thus, we can conclude that social media and online platforms play a vital role in influencing the buying pattern of the consumers. Hence, the content portrayed by brands should be relevant, empathetic and engaging.

Content marketing contributes majorly to the brand equity of the firm. It affects the brand identity, user engagement and is influential in generating potential leads. A content contributes to increasing and improving the customer relationship with the brand.

Along with the write-ups, video marketing is a high consumed content across online platforms. Hence, generating relevant videos in-line with the brand’s values and equity creates a substantial impact in the consumer’s mind. The videos should be relevant and targeted to the right audience, with an impactful message.

Suitable Content for the Right Audience is Imperative

Marketers ideally create relevant content in-line with their brand identity and values. The messages are unique and impactful. A huge budget of monetary expenditure is spent annually to promote these content over various online and social media platforms. The ROI is however often less than the churn rate. This is occurring even after studying the market thoroughly and having a unique selling point of product or services sold. The main problem lies in the target audience. The ad however impactful if not shown to the right audience could turn fatal for the brand itself. The ads shown to the wrong audiences are often ignored and avoided but sometimes it could also create a negative impression in the minds of the audiences, leading to a bad word of mouth publicity. Hence, choosing the right audience for advertising is crucial.

Why online reputation and Content Management is Required?

Customer relationship management and maintaining the brand reputation on online platforms is a requisite for brands in today’s scenario. People are more often influenced by viewing the reviews written than by ads run. Thorough management of these platforms and content uploaded is essential. Responding to customer queries, complaints and positive/negative feedback requires dedicated resources. This helps in maintaining the assurance and trustworthiness of the brand to its customers. Hence, we can conclude that online brand reputation of a company is imperative for the overall brand equity of the firm.

We can summarize that creating the right content with a relevant message to the right audiences, helps further increasing the brand value and generating more revenue to the firm.

According to InsightSuccess social media marketing is all about convincing users through engagement, relatable and emotional content. On social media, as a marketer you should always have that content which makes the users react on it.

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