Bing/Yahoo PPC

A Powerful Alternative To Google For Winning Business Online

Bing has its own paid search platform, which tends to be ignored by a lot of advertisers due to its market share among search engines. The Bing platform allows advertisers to display search adverts on Bing and Yahoo.

At Brandwitty we run campaigns on Bing / Yahoo for several of our clients, and find that although search volume is smaller compared to Google, the traffic comes at a cheaper cost and, if you know the keywords that already work for you, can offer a great opportunity for increased exposure online.

Bing / Yahoo campaigns have some great benefits:

Conversions are often cheaper, for the simple reason that many competitors are comfortable using Google and don’t make the transition.

  • It’s the default search engine on Internet Explorer which is still one of the biggest web browsers in use today so there is a captive audience.
  • Creating an account on Bing is as simple as exporting your AdWords build and importing it into Bing. Although a few checks are necessary, such as adding custom url tagging, this really saves a lot of time and is something Bing have worked hard to improve.

Brandwitty are experienced with managing Bing and AdWords accounts, often with the aim of exploring new areas of performance using the merits of both search engines.

Brands That We’ve Served Over the last Few Years

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