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From likes to leads: Decoding & Uplifting the Social Media Game in 2024

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Surviving and thriving in the constantly changing world of social media is vital, not just beneficial. As we approach 2024, the digital realm is being reshaped, altering how we socialize, send messages, and conduct transactions. The significant shift from focusing on likes to generating leads is driving the authentic growth of a brand or business’s mission statement.

In the recent past, likes and shares were the primary concerns for brands or individuals aiming to build an online presence. However, according to trend studies, nearly 70% of brands have used branding and digital marketing strategies to transform passive page scrollers into active contributors. As a result, followers have become loyal supporters.

In this post, we will take a witty trip through the social media maze and learn how social media marketing in Mumbai can change your branding game. Let’s get started without any delay!

Impacts of Social Media: Marketers Say Social Platforms Drive Leads

With over 4.5 billion users globally, social media’s impact is undeniably large. It can break barriers and connect people worldwide while providing insights into consumer behavior. Social media plays a central role in modern communication.

Statistics reveal its immense reach: over 80% of people with social media accounts spend more than 2.5 hours per day on average. Not only does social media work effectively as a marketing tool, but 73% of marketers agree that it has greatly helped their business.

When it comes to viral news, social media platforms are often the first source where the public seeks information faster than any other medium. However, fake news often trends faster than fact-checked data, highlighting the importance of media literacy and critical thinking skills in the digital space.

Understanding Social Media Skills

Wondering what basic knowledge you need to adapt social media skills? The key to mastering internet pages and ranking on social media platforms is understanding their algorithms. Curious to know more? Let’s dive in:

A Secret to Success – Do Not Underestimate Social Media Algorithms

Basics of Social Media Algorithms

Social media algorithms act as “censors,” predicting what users will find relevant based on their activity. These algorithms prioritize:

  • Relevant Consistent Posts: Regular posting of relevant content signals to search engines that you are engaged and keeping your material in front of readers. Frequent posting keeps content visible and engaging.
  • Engaging Videos or Posts: Posts with high interaction are favored by algorithms. The more likes, comments, and shares your posts receive, the more likely they are to be seen by a larger audience.
  • Trending Material: Trending content reaches a wider audience. If content is liked and consumed by diverse users on the platform, leveraging it can enhance your visibility.

Live Instances of Brands Using Algorithms to Decode Social Success

Leaders like Nike and Coca-Cola focus on social media algorithms to manage their reputation and image. Their significant investment ensures they dominate popular keyword searches, resulting in high visibility across search engine results pages.

Additional Advice

Creating content that resonates with the audience and promotes engagement increases visibility and communication opportunities.

Uplifting the Algorithm with AI – A Strategic Approach in 2024

Over 35% of companies use AI/ML to decode algorithm games and produce effective content. The integration of AI into algorithms in 2024 will enhance content engagement efficiency. AI can analyze user behavior and deliver the most relevant content, boosting visibility. Many brands are leveraging social media marketing agencies in Mumbai to elevate their game.

Recent Social Media Trends – Apply Them or Lose Out

Choose Your Platform Wisely – Platform Trend

Imagine being asked to select a platform to engage your audience. Nowadays, audiences are scattered across different social media platforms, making it challenging to focus on just one. However, you can lighten the load by concentrating on the platforms where your audience spends the most time. Quality trumps quantity in this case.

Calculate ROI with Meme Culture – ROI Trend

Even in “serious” organizations or regulated sectors, there’s always time for fun. People want companies to engage in entertainment, not just promotional activities. By creating content that makes people laugh or smile, you establish valuable connections, which can lead to higher engagement and loyalty.

AI in Marketing – AI Trend

The widespread use of AI has revolutionized marketing. Companies are increasingly integrating AI to enhance their strategies, targeting both Gen Z and Millennials.

Hit the Target with Performance Metrics

To ensure your content is effective, evaluate performance metrics such as likes, shares, comments, engagement rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Social media firms in Mumbai can help you gain clarity on these metrics.

Paid Strategies vs. Organic Strategies: Which is Best?

Paid Strategies:

  • Use more posts to maximize visibility and interaction.
  • Collaborate with influencers and brands on sponsored content.
  • Implement PPC campaigns on Facebook Ads and Google Ads.

Organic Strategies:

  • Develop comprehensive, engaging content for your audience.
  • Focus on building relationships and community.
  • Promote user-generated content and word-of-mouth promotion.

Wrapping It Up

When it comes to social media strategies, the big question is: AI or human-generated content? While AI can quickly create posts, it may lack the human touch that makes content warm and relatable. The truth? A combination of both is the best choice for businesses. Let AI handle the heavy lifting, but remember the human element is crucial.

Contact the best social media companies in Mumbai to create a successful strategy for your brand promotion and online growth.


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