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FC Goa by Imperial Blue

FC Goa is a professional football club based in Goa, India, that competes in the Indian Super League (ISL).


Sacramento, CA

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5,000 employees




FC Goa, a prominent football club in the Indian Super League (ISL), recognized the importance of engaging their fans through innovative marketing campaigns. To achieve this, they partnered with Brandwitty Digital Marketing Agency, a leading creative design agency in Mumbai, to craft a visually appealing and impactful Missed Call Marketing Campaign.

The Challenge

  • Creative Design: FC Goa needed compelling visuals and graphics that could effectively convey the essence of the campaign and resonate with their target audience.
  • Brand Representation: The challenge was to align the campaign design with FC Goa’s brand identity and values while making it visually captivating.


Brandwitty leveraged its expertise in graphic design services to create a captivating campaign design for FC Goa’s Missed Call Marketing Campaign.

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Design Components

  • Creative Visuals: The agency designed eye-catching visuals that seamlessly integrated FC Goa’s brand colors, logo, and football imagery to maintain brand consistency.
  • Poster Design: Visually appealing posters were created to promote the campaign across various offline and online channels.

The Results

Although Brandwitty was responsible for the design aspect of the campaign rather than its execution, the creative design played a pivotal role in achieving successful results:

  • Visual Consistency: The campaign design adhered to FC Goa’s brand guidelines, reinforcing the club’s identity and values.
  • Enhanced Engagement: The captivating visuals and graphics effectively engaged the target audience, increasing participation in the Missed Call Marketing Campaign.

Positive Brand Perception: The high-quality design contributed to a positive perception of FC Goa among fans and the broader audience.

While Brandwitty’s role was focused on creative design services for the campaign, the impact of the design work was evident in the campaign’s success.

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