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Claro Clinic’s Journey to Success

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Brand Name: Claro Clinic

Vertical: Skin Care Clinic


The goal was clear: to elevate Claro Clinic’s presence. The objectives included strengthening social media engagement, increasing organic website traffic, driving more visitors to the clinic, establishing Claro Clinic as a top choice in Mumbai, and attracting quality leads seeking dermatological services.


Focused Marketing Strategy: We launched a targeted marketing campaign to enhance brand consideration among the intended audience. Concurrently, the campaign aimed to generate validated leads from patients seeking dermatological services. The strategy also aimed to encourage referrals through friends and family.

Notable Lead Conversion Growth: In 2022, the campaign resulted in a lead conversion rate of 15%, reflecting a significant 85% increase from the prior year. This achievement underscored the strategy’s effectiveness in transforming interest into tangible outcomes.

Surge in Organic Traffic: Through a well-planned organic strategy, the Claro Clinic website welcomed thousands of  users. Our emphasis on local SEO and optimising Google My Business played a pivotal role in driving inquiries and revenue.


Through focused efforts, we achieved impressive results:

Increased Clinic Visits: The campaign succeeded in bringing more people to the clinic, with Claro Clinic emerging as a top choice for dermatological services in Mumbai.

Enhanced Social Engagement: Our strategy led to a stronger presence on social media, fostering deeper connections and interactions with the audience.

Elevated Reputation: As Claro Clinic became a preferred choice, its reputation within the dermatological field experienced a significant boost.


Claro Clinic’s journey to success was characterised by a strategic and creative approach. The targeted marketing efforts translated into tangible outcomes, evident in the rise of lead conversion, organic website traffic, and clinic visits. This case serves as a testament to the potential of a well-executed branding and marketing strategy in the healthcare sector.

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