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Crafting Success for Alphonso Mangoes

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Brand Name: Alphonso Mangoes
Vertical: Fruits & Vegetables


Our goal was clear: to establish a strong brand identity for Alphonso Mango. This encompassed positioning Alphonso Mango as the preferred choice among competitors in India, building visibility and trust during the lockdown, and driving online sales.


Website Transformation: We initiated a comprehensive website overhaul, creating a digital platform that not only showcased the product but also encapsulated the essence of the brand. The revamped website provided a seamless and captivating user experience.

Strengthening Social Presence: Recognizing the power of social media, we redefined Alphonso Mango’s presence across platforms. Through engaging visuals, insightful stories, and interactive content, we aimed to connect deeply with the audience.

Broadening Horizons: Our strategy extended beyond conventional marketing. We diversified content to cater to a wider audience seeking both product knowledge and enriching experiences related to Alphonso Mango.

Targeted Lockdown Campaign: Amid the lockdown, a focused campaign was executed to engage the audience and drive sales. This campaign aimed not only to generate sales but also encouraged referrals through friends and family, fostering a sense of community.


Impressive ROI: Starting anew with a fresh website and strategy, the achieved ROI was exceptional. This demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach in driving brand growth and sales.

Traffic Surge in a Month: The revamped website witnessed a substantial increase in traffic within just a month. The concerted efforts of paid and organic search played a significant role in driving this traffic surge.


The journey of elevating the Alphonso Mango brand exemplified innovation, creativity, and strategic precision. Through an engaging website, an invigorated social media presence, and a targeted lockdown campaign, we succeeded in establishing a distinct brand identity and achieving remarkable results in terms of ROI and website traffic. This case underscores the potential of a meticulously planned brand elevation strategy.

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